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The pharmacokinetics of sildenafil in a recommended dose range is linear. After intake of Viagra is rapidly absorbed. When taken in combination with fatty food the rate of absorption is reduced.
Sildenafil is metabolized mainly in the liver.
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Now on the market of medicines there are many "promoters desire" for the beautiful half of humanity, the most powerful of which is a female Viagra. Its principle of operation is different from male Viagra. Then as male Viagra just causes enhanced blood flow to the small pelvis, Female Viagra makes the lady more sensitive to tactile caresses, touches. Receptors and nerve endings straining what causes sexual desire. To all my patients who have problems in the intimate sphere associated with excitation, I suggest a female Viagra.

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Female Viagra appeared on the shelves of pharmacies in the CIS countries recently. Before that time, it was believed that if the couple have problems in intimate terms, it is the fault of the man and his potency. However, it is much more complicated, because if the woman suffers from frigidity, to achieve at least the minimum of satisfaction to partners impossible.

Female Viagra solves the problem! But to identify the exact cause of the problem, I would advise you to start to see a doctor. After consulting with him, you'll know exactly what the reason of failures in the intimate sphere. Only then will women Viagra will achieve the maximum result.
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Cheap viagra online

We all know that if a woman wants to keep a man, she should be ready for intimate adventures almost always. But what if a guy wants sex, a woman is not ready for it? In this case, it is best to immediately take female Viagra that starts to "awaken" the main instinct immediately upon entering the body. And after 30-40 minutes, the lady herself will experience a furious desire. Moreover, the action of Viagra can be felt for 5-6 hours after ingestion. One tablet is enough in order to give pleasure for a long time!
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